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Organic (Seaweed) Whole Chicken- Appr. 1.5kg

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Seaweed Chicken - the 100% natural, healthier choice of chicken. Rich in essential nutrients and wholesome.

  • No antibiotics
  • No chemicals
  • No hormones
  • No heavy metals
  • Fed with Specially Formulated Chicken Feed - a special blend of seaweed, moringa leaves, probiotics from Japan, Chinese herbs, protein, trace elements and vitamins.

Beacon chicken brought to you by Beacon Hospital who knows very well that many cancer patients are afraid of eating chicken because they are afraid that battery chickens are full of vaccines, hormones, antibiotics and other chemical substances. Therefore, to provide peace of mind to our patients and their family members, after 10 years of hard work Beacon Hospital and a group of professional poultry breeders had successfully developed a good chicken feed recently.

In order to enable underprivileged patients to receive timely medical treatment, most of the profit earned from each chicken (RM3) will be channeled to Beacon CSR Welfare Fund to provide medical assistance for patients in need.

Today we sincerely call on everyone to respond to the action of "You help others with every bite of Beacon Chicken". We look forward to your support in helping more underprivileged patients.

We appreciate the kind gesture of everyone who joins us helping the underprivileged patients besides being able to eat healthy, natural and nutritious Beacon chicken. 

Why Seaweed Chicken?

1. All-natural farm and feed

At the Beacon Chicken Farm, we adopt the state-of-the-art natural farming techniques for our chickens. To ensure our chickens grow healthily, we feed our chickens with Beacon's proprietary Seaweed Chicken feed. The feed contains a healthy combination of 

  • Seaweed: High in Vitamin B12, C and E. Help your body’s metabolism, enhance immunity, helps to keep the heart and blood vessels in order
  • Moringa leaves: Regulate neurasthenia, improve immunity, soften blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis

2. No hormones

Traders have been known to use hormones in the chicken breeding process to make the chicken grow faster and heavier in a shorter period of time, but such practices make a profit at the expense of your health. At Beacon Chicken Farm, our chickens are farmed naturally without growth hormones because our chickens do not need added chemicals.

3. No antibiotics

Beacon Chicken Farm, our chickens are antibiotic-free, as our farming methods and special feed removes the need for antibiotics. In other chicken breeding processes, traders have been known to use antibiotics to decrease the chances of disease and improve the mortality rate of bred chicken. However, we know that added chemicals, such as antibiotics, may have a negative impact on you when you consume meat containing these added chemicals. This range from increased risk of antibiotic resistance and other unintended risks to health. You will not need to worry about this with Beacon Chicken.

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